IOREM is a network of scholars in the area of remittances and migration and primarily focuses on research & knowledge sharing. Our other activities include public and private partnerships, publications, organization of events, graduate student training & mentoring.

At the core of the organization is communication between all interested parties in the fields of migrant and worker remittances. Through our research and collaborative efforts between academia and industry, we hope to be a link on issues related to: diasporas, international migration, seasonal migration, refugees, organized labor agreements, social & economic integration, policies and regulation as well as issues that impact senders and recipients of remittances.

Since remittances is a service provided by the private sector, facilitating public and private partnerships between scholars and the industry is an essential task of IOREM. IOREM seeks to achieve this by pooling the resources and expertise of its partners and members.

Training of researchers and inspiring graduate students to investigate topics related to remittances is very important. IOREM believes in fostering innovation and creativity, as some of these graduate students could be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We believe that a close connection to developments in the fintech industry is key to engaging with startups and other groundbreaking initiatives.

Furthermore, IOREM will publish a report of member contributions, on an annual basis and will maintain an online database of documents published by members as well as other prominent researchers.

Our ambition is to inspire inter-disciplinary discussions and cultivate relations and alliances both within and outside of academia – locally and globally. We hope to bring together practitioners and academics in addressing some of the issues faced by all stakeholders in this sector.

A better understanding of all these issues related to remittances and migration will contribute to the lives of millions of people across every remittance corridor in the world.

IOREM is seeking non-profit status in the United States. The Board of Directors (2020-2021) is:

  • Sabith Khan, Board Chair, Program Director & Assistant Professor, California Lutheran University.
  • Sue Smock, Independent Research Professional
  • Daisha Merritt, Associate Department Chair, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Sulayman Njie, Researcher, Virginia Tech
  • Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, Director, IMTC Conferences, The Platinum Network, The Remtech Awards
  • Roy Germano, (Board Advisor) Senior Research Scholar, NYU School of Law- Adjunct Associate Professor, NYU International Relations Program

This site was developed and it is managed and maintained by The Platinum Network, Inc. All members of IOREM are invited to be part of the PNET Online Community.


We are driven by the following values:

Member-Driven:  Welcoming, supportive, empathetic, collegial, interdisciplinary, diverse, inclusive, receptive.

Field-building:  Connecting research to practice, scholarly work to industry, industry to knowledge and insight, leading, prominent, and influential, consequential effect on trends.

Reliability: high-quality research and analysis, peer-reviewed work and support, open-mindedness, promotion of innovative and impartial thinking, creativity, sustainability, and accountability.


  • Membership Development
    • Initiatives involving personal introductions & special invitations
    • Develop Support Groups and establish Board
  • Institutional Reach
    • Initiatives to engage public & private institutions
  • Organization and Administration
    • Legal establishment of the non-profit entity
  • Initial Funding
    • Initiative to research potential funding sources

If you want to help in
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