Welcome to IOREM’s Members Private Area (in construction).

You were given admission as a member of IOREM. We are just building the organization so we are admitting members that want to help in making the organization succeed. We need collaboration for that to happen. As a member, you can spread the word, talk to other interested friends and colleagues and ask them to join, use hashtag #iorem in Twitter, publish your ongoing projects and ask for help if needed, join or request permission to form a committee, contribute with posts and blogs, etc. IOREM has a group in the PNET Community, just register here, look for the IOREM Group and join.

If you want to participate in IMTC WORLD 2020 where there are two sessions devoted to IOREM register here and use Discount Code IOREM2020 for a free pass.

Even if you are a member you must register here to get our newsletter