IOREM was launched in April 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown and we are accepting members that want to contribute to their efforts to build this organization

IOREM has two classes of members.

  1. Individual Member: An individual member is one individual and is allowed to vote and is entitled to the benefits of individual membership
  2. Institutional Member: An institutional member is an organization and is allowed one vote through a designated individual. Further, an institutional member is entitled to benefits of institutional membership

Nonmembers will be allowed to participate in the activities of the Association on such terms and conditions as it is determined from time to time.

Board of Directors must be members of IOREM and are elected to the Board by members of the Association. Board members serve in a voluntary capacity. Some individuals working for the association in specific roles, administrative and otherwise, program directors, group directors, and consultants can be nonvoting members and guests of the Board. Board members represent the most influential and insightful members of the remittances community, globally. Each board member serves for a three-year term (renewable).

Advisory Groups are established by members or by the Board of Directors. All group members are not strictly required to be members of IOREM. Their participation should be coordinated by an IOREM member and must be designated by the Board.

Are you interested in becoming a member?